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Here at R Keating & Sons, we have over 40 years of experience in dealing with the issues of rising damp, wet, and dry rot in timber, insect infestation, and much more. Take a look below to see some recent damp proofing and re-plastering projects undertaken by our experienced team of skilled professionals. We offer our services to domestic and commercial customers throughout Cambridgeshire.

Our service is perfect for everyone who wants to build a better, more cost-effective home.

R Keating & Sons

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With years of experience, we know that the service we offer is not only the best value but also the right way to keep your home and property secure and in the way you would want it.

By making sure your buildings are in the best state of repair, we know we can keep costs to both you and the planet as low as possible, ensuring a bright future for us all.

Keeping your family and you loved ones safe is why we dedicate our services to making sure the home you have is the home for years to come – a solid, healthy, and safe place.

What Clients Say

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"I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. Our new home feels like home now."
Chloe Curtis
"When things went wrong on our property, it was great knowing you were dedicated to helping us!"
Jamie Durrant
"I would gladly pay over and over for the work you have done. You have saved us a fortune."
Robert Smith